Water tank sensor strip

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The prices listed below are for retail sales, if you are a dealer or repair shop, please click here to get to the dealer pricing. If you are not set-up as a dealer yet, please give us a call atit only takes a few minutes. The MODA sensor module is a non-invasive exterior tank level sensor.

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Pages: [1]. RandallR Sr. Sensing water level.

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Whether your application is an individual tank, a tank farm, a reservoir, or a river, our unique Metritape level sensor provides a reliable solution. This is because resistance-tape is remarkably different from other level sensors; in principle, appearance, and performance. The reason for Metritape's success is its simple principle of operation and the high quality materials used in its construction.

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Here is a simple and low cost implementation of a water leak sensor. It differs from store bought sensors in several important ways:. A water leak in any direction will trigger the sensor. This is my entry for the Sensor Contest.

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The sensor technology is built on a method of monitoring local, mechanical properties of a fluid tank. A Gobius sensor exerts force onto a tank wall and causes it to vibrate. An accelerometer is part of the sensor and it measures the vibrations caused by the force and transmits the signal to the sensor processor.

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October in Solar Water Pumping 1. I do not want to put a hole in the tank or use a float switch. Something like that is used to indicate propane level on a 5 gallon barbecue tank.

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How well do your RV holding tank gauges work? Do you get or have false readings? This is one of the biggest complaints RVers have with their water systems.

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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Electric dabbler, Jun 12, Connect with us. Electronics Forums. Capacitive water level sensor Reply to Thread.

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Cruzer's RV TechMag is the ultimate source for technical articles, travel destinations, road tests and reviews as well as the latest and greatest RV products and accessories and editorial commentary related to the RV lifestyle. You may choose from the following selections to narrow down your area of interest. An RV is somewhat self-sufficient.


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