Sensing sexual energy

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The primary nature of every human being is to be open to life and love Alexander Lowen. First I want you to accept that this statement is possibly true and agree to believe this just while you read this article. I believe we are all sexual beings but many of us try to cover it up, or have forgotten just how sexual we are.

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Have you ever had a friend describe a really "hot' blind date for you, and you get all excited and eager to meet this wonder person only to come face to face with the person and zero, nothing, no sparks. The person is all that, but you are just not digging him or her. Or have you ever found yourself so powerfully attracted to someone with whom you have nothing in common, and physically he or she is not even your "type" but he or she makes your libido sit up and howl?

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Sex balances the chemistry so one can continue the spiritual work. The same goes for your soul. Because the human mind is so limited, we have to break it down into limiting concepts.

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable by a look someone gave you or felt like their stare was intrusive? Empaths pick up on the emotions, feelings and sometimes the motives of others. If you are an empath, the vibes of others can literally hit you over the head.

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Well, to be honest the thought came to me and I repelled it at first. Those in the sexuality space understand how women claiming their sexual energy impacts their personal leadership and how they show up in the world — but not many speak to it so directly. Leadership yes.

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If you are outside the countries listed aboveplease call Practice Sexual Telepathy to deepen your connection in and out of the bedroom. The best couples feel like two halves of one whole.

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Taoism is a spiritual tradition that embraces our sexual desire and uses it within our bodies as a force for healing and spiritual growth. Desire is a rich and potent part of our human experience. The Taoists think of desire, called sexual energy or jing chi, as part of our life energy, or chi.

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My friend John is 60, jobless, short and more or less a hobo. Yet women respond to him in a way they never do to me. Last week he even slept with one of my married female friends.

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Whether you are gay, straight, or somewhere in between, whether you are married, single, or somewhere in between — if you live in America, then your sexual energy is probably blocked. In Greece, women go topless on the beaches. In America, just a picture of a woman — not even a topless image, mind you — can make some people squirm with discomfort.

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Verified by Psychology Today. The Empath's Survival Guide. We can pick up both anxiety and joy from our sexual partner, and often get intuitions about his or her thoughts and feelings.


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