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More on that later. My first thought after seeing the movie was that Jake Gyllenhaal has chosen two movies this season, Brokeback Mountain and Jarheadthat have taken conventional movie genres, the Western and the war movie, and turned them on their heads. People who go to Jarhead thinking they are going to see a movie about war with lots of bombs, actions scenes, and killing, may be disappointed, because Jarhead is for the most part a movie about loneliness.

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Slang A US Marine. References in periodicals archive? Snipers have traditionally played a substantial and significant role in combat owing to their highly developed skills; however, Jarhead tells us a different story, with the highly-skilled craft-workers becoming obsolete in their chosen career because of technological development.

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Sergeant Fitch: You are no longer black, or brown, or yellow, or red. You are now Green! You are light green or dark green!

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These days, it's a bad idea trying to tell Jake Gyllenhaal you've got him pegged. The year-old shifts in his seat when I repeat his past comments, about his two new films, Brokeback Mountain and Jarhead, being "liberating" experiences. To the effect that, far from pegging him down, they avoided putting him into the "boxes" previous directors had shoehorned his curio screen persona into.

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Sign in. Fitch : What the fuck are you even doing here? Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford : Sir, I got lost on the way to college, sir.

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Top definition. Jake Gyllenhaal unknown. A man so beautiful, you could cry.

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Set before, during, and after the Gulf WarSwofford's account of his time in the military stands in contrast to more traditional works: being largely an air campaign, Swofford's unit like many other ground troops saw little engagement with enemy forces; averting boredom and mental fatigue are more of the day-to-day activities than actual firefights. Along with documenting the minutiae of military life during basic training and the campaign, Swofford gives background on the types of people that are his fellow Marines. Community Showcase More.

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The dirty secret about combat memoirs isn't that war is senseless or that heroes are often terrified or that the battlefield can turn even good men into dehumanized monsters or that everyone is bored except for the moments when they're scared shitless or even that there is a beast inside every last one of us. The secret is that these stories are all more or less the same, once you decide which of two categories they belong to: tales of valor and tales of squalor. The tales of valor have enjoyed a resurgence of late, particularly those about World War II, but despite "Band of Brothers" and other enterprises of the late Stephen Ambrose, the second, bleaker type of war story is still ascendant. Its touchstones are Joseph Heller's "Catch" a novel, but still and Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," books that strive to explain that, stupid as it is to fight wars, it is even stupider to glorify the fighting of them.

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Screenwriter William Broyles Jr. Swoff enters the barracks just as a barking knot of men have subdued another. Rolling up his trouser leg, they apply a smoking metal brand to his shin: USMC.

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He also took questions about the project of writing an autobiography and how his book has been translated into film. The Harvard Crimson: Could you describe the writing process for the book? Did you keep notes or a journal while serving? Eventually, I just kept bumping up against my autobiography.


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