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For those scientists who study urine the saying is quite literal—pee is a treasure-trove of scientific potential. It can now be used as a source of electric power. Urine-eating bacteria can create a strong enough current to power a cell phone.

View Full Version : Commercials you can't stand! It's gonna be a long ing season. I don't know if that's the same one I keep hearing all the time now where he's rambling on about how Saturday night is always a good night, but it's nauseating.

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Everybody poops. Everybody pees, too. But some writers and artists like to take that familiar yellow substance and turn it into comedy gold.

By Lola16March 30, in Commercials. Is it a goosedown mattress or what? Last time I checked, coiled springs and memory foam weren't organic.

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If the thought of talking politics with your drunk uncle this Thanksgiving is too much for you to bear, might we suggest that you stay right there on the couch and watch 24 hours of Pee-wee's Playhouse instead? In the spirit of holiday marathons, IFC has announced that it's bringing the not-just-for-kids cult classic Saturday morning TV series back to the small screen this Turkey Day—more than 30 years after it made its original debut. In addition to embedding itself in the hearts and minds of its viewers over its five-year run, Pee-wee's Playhouse garnered unprecedented critical acclaim, earning 15 Emmy Awards and the Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Children's Programming.

In the fall ofSterling K. Becca Cecily Strong faces her unsteady love interest Robert Mueller Kate McKinnonwho admits that he may not have all he needs to nail Donald Trump with charges of collusion. Even if this feels more like a slow acting exercise for Strong and McKinnon — who are absolutely up for it — give the writers credit for a smart idea.

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Discussion in ' General ' started by Tuk2Jun 24, Which TV Commercials piss you off most?!?! Joined: May 17, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2, Where the guys throwin darts at the board and hes like "yes

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November 19, at am Uncategorized. Before you read any further I want you to view these ads so you can get an opinion about them before I tell you mine, and so you could either agree or disagree. After watching the videos, I feel that they are, hands down, hilarious.

Messin With Sasquatch Guitar Playing. After Seven years I scoured the internet for more Messin' with Sasquatch videos, these are most of what I found. People try to match their intellect with the greatest force in forest, the Sasquatch!.


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