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The live artist performer recently went to an unnamed music festival and had the experience of a lifetime when she had dozens of people smoke out of a bong that had been placed in her butt. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Adams felt the need to one-up her performance piece at the festival a year prior in which she laid in a coffin for 2.

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A butt chugger is one who consumes alcohol through his or her anus. The vessel for this alcohol enema can be a funnel or soaked tampon. The latter is called "slimming.

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Reports of teenagers inserting vodka-soaked tampons in their vaginas and rectums have been circulating the last few days, but it's not the first time this risky phenomenon has been reported. Skeptics are questioning the legitimacy of claims that teenagers are using unpleasant-sounding methods of getting drunk faster -- largely because the Legend of the Vodka Tampon is a more than a decade old, and because news stories on the topic have not cited firsthand accounts of the phenomenon at work. Then again, it's certainly understandable that a high school sophomore might not want to go on the record for having gotten drunk from the use of vodka tampons or through butt chugging.

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Top definition. Butt Chug drugs. Inserting an alcoholic beverage into your anus either through a bottle, but preferably a beer bong. I went to this party the other day and everyone was yelling " Butt chug!

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Urban Thesaurus finds slang words that are related to your search query. Click words for definitions. As you've probably noticed, the slang synonyms for " term " are listed above.

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Some people really enjoy the feeling of being drunk, but hate having to do all that pesky drinking. Maybe they don't want the calories. Maybe they don't like the taste.

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Do people really do rectal beer bongs? I recently saw a newscast that featured rectal beer bongs and vodka soaked tampons being used by teens to get drunk. Are people really this stupid and self destructive??

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The insertion of foreign objects into the rectum intestinum of Homo sapiens is nothing new. As you'll remember from history class, the Maya administered tobacco and hallucinogenic enemas for religious purposes, and also probably because they were bored. They were kind enough to leave behind stone reliefs and figurines documenting the deed—now we use web videos and blogs for similar purposes.

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It has come to my attention that the Kentucky Kernel has recently dismissed butt-chugging as an immature and potentially dangerous exercise. They could not be more off-base. I have other friends that have compared butt-chugging to catching the game-winning pass at the last second of a football game.

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Boofing can use a beer funnel. But the funnel doesn't quite go in your mouth. When someone asks you a question, it helps to know specifically what is being asked. For example, if someone asks you, "have you boofed yet," don't answer unless you know exactly what that person means by boofing.


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